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NEW!!! Cotton Venice Lace Trims

Hey everybody! We’ve been working on a fun surprise for you… We have finally decided to add just a few of our lace & trims to our online inventory! :O

I did quite a bit of research on lace & discovered that the majority of the lace that I’ve put online is categorized as Chemical Lace. Naturally I wondered what the heck that meant, so I researched some more and found out that Chemical Lace or Schiffli Lace is a machine made lace that is created by embroidering a piece of fabric, treated with a chemical, which disintegrates after the pattern has been embroidered.

Kind of put off by the calling these beautiful laces “Chemical,” I found some vendors that refer to them as Cotton Venice Lace. I found this title much more appealing. Traditionally Venice Lace was created in Italy (surprise, surprise) during the middle ages & is created using needlepoint rather than embroidery techniques. I am no expert of course, so if we have any lace experts amongst our readers, please feel free to correct me. 😀

These laces can be used numerous ways, but some examples include accenting clothing, costumes, home decor, pillows, craft projects, gifts, even some historical recreation costumes, & much much more. The laces in this collection are either entirely cotton, or a cotton blend (possibly rayon or linen. We can’t be 100% sure.) I hope you enjoy our new edition. If these do well, we will probably add more. & don’t forget to tell all your friends about The Fabric Market

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  1. Laurie April 3, 2020 at 7:12 pm Reply

    I can not locate the 1/2” colored elastic (on spools on the front, left side of the store) anywhere on your online site. Can you help me purchase a spool?

    Thank you!

    1. Caitlin Murphy June 17, 2020 at 4:52 pm Reply

      Hey Laurie, I’m so sorry! I just now noticed your question. We only had time to put basic colors like Black & White in a few select sizes, up on the website. We were selling all of those colored lingerie elastics under the “Mystery Elastic.” We have so many & we were so busy, it was easier for us to just send you what we have available… Hence, “Mystery” ;P Anyways, We are now open to the public! Come on down & check out what we have.

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