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Star Wars Day – May the Fourth

For all the Star Wars fans out there, it’s Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you.

TheFabricMarket | Star Wars Day Costumes Made By Jaime

A lot of the customers we see locally at F&M Fabrics are making costumes, whether for ballet, their highschool opera, the melodrama or for Halloween. The prices at TheFabricMarket.com are so good, it makes a great source for all your costuming needs!

I married into a Star Wars Family. I did not grow up watching the movies, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and join in on the excitement. Over the years I’ve made several star wars costumes. The costumes in the first picture above were mostly thrifted and haphazardly put together, but check out the costumes below with pattern recommendations!

TheFabricMarket | Star Wars Day Costumes Made By Jaime

For Pregnant Padme I used Simplicity 5106, View F. Unfortunately the pattern is out of print, though you may be able to find a used copy on Etsy or Ebay.

Simplicity 5106

I added a collar from another pattern I had in my stash and then made the straps from vinyl. BTW, I was not pregnant the first time I made and wore this costume – that’s a pillow I borrowed from work (at the time, a bridal store). You can get that same look by adding straps to a pillow form and tying it in place. To finish the look, my husband googled and printed out pictures of the brooches Padme wore, tracing the lines with a glue gun. Then he painted them gold and embellished with red gemstones. I regret not getting a close up of those cause they were pretty cool.

Simplicity 4450

For his costume, I used Simplicity 4450 (also out of print, unfortunately but I think Simplicity 5840 would make a great substitute).  This time I made the pants, and instead of just cutting strips of vinyl for the shoulder pieces and belt, I made them the right way as the pattern instructed. Not only that, but we added the Jedi Robe this time around. The design of the robe was so perfect and it really turned out great. This brown poly-cotton would make a great affordable fabric for this look! For his belt, he added some utility pockets he had on hand, but then also took pen caps and painted them gold and silver to add for authenticity.

When the kids came around, we thought it’d be so fun to do a Luke & Leia Halloween.

TheFabricMarket | Star Wars Day Costumes Made By Jaime

For Luke’s costume, I used McCall’s 6184.  The poly cotton mentioned above would also work great for the pieces in this costume! It comes in several basic colors.


I slimmed the pants and took out some width in the top to better match the look Luke has in the movies. I also added shoe covers for boots from another costume pattern (most kids costume patterns include these type of shoe covers).

TheFabricMarket | Star Wars Day Costumes Made By Jaime

For the baby, I used Butterick 5896,View A to make the dress. Because this pattern calls for a stretch fabric, I would recommend the white spandex or white stretch velvet.


I found instructions for her hat on Instructables. It was so simple, made from fleece so no seam finishes or fuss, but the effect was so great. It was one of my favorites so far.

TheFabricMarket | Star Wars Day Costumes Made By Jaime
And lastly, a few Christmases ago, I made Star Wars robes for my son and his 2 cousins. For this robe, I used McCall’s 2854, View F.



So I hope you’re enjoying this May the Fourth – and for those Non-Star-Wars Fans, thanks for sticking with us today. We’d love to see the costumes you’ve made for Star Wars or otherwise! Make sure to stop by our Facebook Page to share your photos!

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